Oddball Stocks Podcast Episode 1

This past Friday I was supposed to be a guest on the Benzinga PreMarket show.  It turned out the show is revising their format and my spot was cancelled.  I had prepared some remarks for the show and instead of letting them go to waste I decided I might as well record them and turn them into a podcast.  What follows is my first attempt at a solo podcast.  I'm hoping to improve the format and production value going forward.


  1. Great first podcast, "once more, with energy!"

    Can you invite some other bloggers on to your show and be the host? It'd be great with your knowledge set and experience to lead some interviews with other thoughtful bloggers.

  2. Great podcast, really enjoyed listening. I hope you continue to do them, if you have the time!

  3. Nate,
    Nice work, I would like you to do some more interviews. I want to get involved in some small cap activism so anything involving that would be great.

  4. Thanks for the podcast

  5. Hi Nate,

    Ally Bank makes an interesting counterpoint to the large banks, since Ally is a bank with no branches whatsoever. The generous yields for their deposit accounts and reimbursements for ATM fees certainly aren't free, but at the same time they don't have to pay for branches. When I have had to call, I have waited no more than a minute to speak to a human. Meanwhile, here in Denver, Wells Fargo has opened a new branch next to a very busy grocery store as part of a large apartment development. There are plenty of people around the bank, just not in the bank. I have counted between three and five employees working at that branch whenever I go in to get coins. Maybe Wells Fargo needs these kind of branches for the kinds of loans they sell--I don't know. It's just curious to me.

    Thanks a lot for the podcast and the blog. I've been working my way through the archives these past few months.


  6. Enjoyed the podcast (both episodes). Are you planning to continue this? If so, would love if you put it in the iTunes store for ease of subscribing.