Twenty one international high dividend & high ROE stocks

As I've been researching international stocks it's struck me how many pay a dividend, and often how high the payout is.  It seems an investor looking to build an income portfolio might find some good deals in the following list.

My criteria was
-Yield greater than 4%
-No debt
-Payout ratio less than 80%
-5yr avg ROE greater than 15%

Here is the Google Spreadsheet version: view spreadsheet


  1. I upload my Excel spreadsheets go Google Docs, share them, and embed them in blog pages. Enjoying the blog by the way.

  2. Thanks Richard, I posted the spreadsheet via Google Docs.

    I'm glad you're enjoying the blog, I'm having a blast finding and writing this stuff up, it's good to hear people like to read it as well.

  3. Hi Nate

    Very informative blog. May I ask which screener you used? I've been trying to find a screener for non-US stocks (primarily to find low price to book stocks) outside the US but w/o success. Thanks in advance.