Benzinga Interview: Small banks plus a niche small cap with incredible ROE's

I wanted to share my most recent interview on the Benzinga PreMarket Pre show.  I discussed a few small bank ideas as well as Kopp Glass, a classic oddball stock.

Kopp Glass is an example of a perfect oddball stock.  It's a very small company that operates in a niche, yet earns extremely high returns on capital.  The problem is they can't scale their market.  So while they have a nice moat, and earn great returns they don't have much growth potential.  The company has paid out most of their earnings as dividends, and shareholders seem content to earn a close to 10% dividend as well as some appreciation.

Kopp Glass first appeared in the Oddball Stocks Newsletter in July 2014.  The write-up is displayed below.  If you're looking for more write-ups like this I'd encourage you to subscribe to the Oddball Stocks newsletter.

Disclosure: Long Kopp

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