Oddball Stocks Newsletter: Small Bank Snapshot

Time to post another sample piece from the Oddball Stocks Newsletter. This is something we wrote about small banks in Issue 21 last August - just a "snapshot," if you will. A collection of small banks with market capitalizations almost all under $100 million, with P/Bs back then ranging from 52% to 199%!

The Oddball Stocks Newsletter has gotten longer and we now have more general commentary like these observations on the small bank equity market. You can subscribe here to the Newsletter, and we also have some a la carte samples of back issues available.

Also, on the last page of this sample you can see a little bit of our thoughts on Tesla. It is amazing that the market seems to have some extremely overvalued mega-cap companies, while on the small end a lot of Oddballs trade to a big discount to what their liquidation value would be.

For example, Bank of Utica (which we have been writing about) is overcapitalized and the nonvoting shares trade at a big discount to book value. It would make a ton of sense for the controlling shareholders to get moving buying everyone else out. But until they decide to allocate capital that way, it could continue to be a "one day" stock.

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