SEC Rule 15c2-11 Restricted Securities

Last September, we wrote about a proposed SEC rule change that threatened to make it more difficult to trade in opaque micro cap companies. 

Over a hundred people wrote in to comment, almost all in opposition, including well-known investors, firms, and funds like: Mitchell Partners, the OTC Markets Group, and the Oddball land company Aztec Land and Cattle Company, Ltd..

TD Ameritrade just sent an email to clients with a 162 page list of OTC stocks (embedded below) that they are going to restrict from trading because of the new SEC Rule 15c2-11. Here is how they are describing their new policy:

On September 28, 2021, new amendments to Rule 15c-211 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934
go into effect to enhance investor protection and improve issuer transparency. These amendments
restrict the ability of market makers to publish quotations for those companies that have not made
required current financial and company information available to regulators and investors.

Ahead of the regulatory enforcement date, TD Ameritrade will only accept orders to liquidate positions - (i.e. no new buy orders) starting in mid-August 2021. Please note: After the amendment officially goes into effect on September 28, 2021, it may be more difficult to liquidate these securities. Quoting and market liquidity may also be very limited.

The list is below as of June 30, 2021 and is subject to change at any time.

The TD Ameritrade list includes such Oddball companies as Hanover Foods (both HNSFA/HNFSB), Pardee Resources, PD-RX Pharmaceuticals, Queen City Investments, Pinelawn Cemetery, ACMAT Corp, Advant-e Corp, Aztec Land & Cattle, Avoca, and Boston Sand & Gravel. 

It includes some banks, but not very many.

We will be continuing to cover this regulatory change in the Oddball Stocks Newsletter. If you haven't yet, give us a try.

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  1. I was hoping TD/Schwab would be allowing some of these trades to continue. Is there going to be any brokerages out there that will allow trading?

  2. So who is left that will trade these stocks? I am at TD after Vanguard stopped last year. Any ideas?

    1. Institutions/accredited and Non-US accounts.

  3. Nate, I think you might be interested in this, which implies the upcoming trading restrictions were not well designed.

  4. I would guess the value of these non tradable stocks will only go down and am not willing to gamble that some will be taken off the list by Sept 21 So who are the institutions/accredited or non US accounts we should contact? How is the SEC with this new amendment protecting us with currently held securities on the list??