Update on Hauppauge Digital Inc. ($HAUP)

In December we did a post on a lawsuit that had been filed against Hauppauge Digital Inc. ($HAUP): a Verified Complaint to Compel Inspection of Books and Records in Delaware Chancery Court.

Regarding Hauppauge Digital Inc. (HAUP), see also these posts from other bloggers:
There have been some new developments in the case. The court granted Plaintiff a default judgment on April 24th:

Then, at the beginning of June, Hauppauge filed a motion to set aside the default judgment.

The motion was granted, and the default judgment has been set aside:


I conclude that Hauppauge has met its burden of showing excusable neglect, a meritorious defense and that Rivest will not suffer substantial prejudice if the Motion is granted.39 However, recognizing that Section 220 actions are intended to be summary proceedings,40 and given the delays that have occurred related to this Section 220 action, I intend, once this report becomes final, to ensure that this matter proceeds as expeditiously as possible in the future.

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