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For anyone who has wanted a low-cost way to try the Oddball Stocks Newsletter, now is your chance. We just lowered the prices on two of our back Issues which are available à la carte:

First, our Highlights Issue from February 2020, which was double the length of a normal Issue and had some of the gems from the Oddball Archives. We have lowered the price on this from $79 to $59; you can purchase here.

Second, Issue 26 which was published in August 2019. Our back Issues are normally priced at $139 (which is just 1/5th of the subscription price), but we are making this one available for $99. Here are some of the highlights of Issue 26:
  • "The point of maximum pessimism," a guest piece that looked at a variety of names including AFBA, FREVS, and GULTU.
  • A guest piece on Alaska Power & Telephone Company
  • "Your Diversified, Permanent Capital Holdco Is Not Going to Work," a very important guest piece pointing out the problems with NOL-shell companies.
  • Updates on Bank of Utica, Boston Sand & Gravel, Du Art Film, Goodheart-Willcox, Hershey Creamery, J.G. Boswell, Keweenaw Land, Pardee Resources, and others.
  • Reviews of two academic papers, "The Cash Conversion Cycle Spread" and “DotCom Mania: The Rise and Fall of Internet Stock Prices”.
  • An essay on the problems with Sum of the Parts investment theses. Our take, "there has never been a better time to sell assets and probably never a worse time to buy them."
If you're a blog reader but not a subscriber to the Newsletter, we hope you will give one of these back Issues a try. We are trying to build a community of Oddball micro-cap stock investors, and investors can help each other out by being a part of it. We have in-person meetups, a subscribers-only forum, and the Newsletter advocates for and monitors investors rights from the courtrooms of America to proposed regulatory changes by the SEC.

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