Oddball Stocks Newsletter Excerpt: Allied First Bancorp from Issue 36

We wrote an update on Allied First Bancorp in Issue 36 of the Oddball Stocks Newsletter:

AFBA is a standout as a very small bank with a very high return on equity that trades at a 12% discount to tangible book value as of June 30, 2021. Based in Oswego, Illinois (southwest Chicago exurbs), it started as a credit union for American Airline pilots in 1994 and converted in 2000. Our guest writer Catahoula first mentioned it in Issue 26 (August 2019) at $1 so it has returned 8.5x since. The current market capitalization is $16 million at $8.50 per share which is 88% of TBV. (We use a 1,911,892 total share count which assumes that 139,995 shares of convertible preferred stock that were issued under TARP are converted to common.)

OBN - AFBA - Issue 36 (August 2021) by Nate Tobik on Scribd

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