Oddball Stocks Newsletter Excerpt: The Goodheart-Willcox Company, Inc. from Issue 34

We wrote an update in Issue 34 of the Oddball Stocks Newsletter about The Goodheart-Willcox Company, Inc.:

One of the amazing things about the coronavirus “pandemic” of the past is how it has created winners and losers – even companies in the same industry. For example, as we will see below, educational publishing company Goodheart-Willcox (GWOX) had a great 2020. Meanwhile, its fellow educational publisher William H Sadlier, Inc. (SADL; which we won't cover in this Issue) did not have a great 2020. But the dispersion in performance this past year was nothing new, it just continues the trend of the past several years where things have been getting better at GWOX and worse at SADL.

Obn - Gwox - Issue 34 (March 2021) by Nate Tobik on Scribd

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