RCM Technologies

RCM is a IT, Engineering and Health Care consulting company.  They are currently trading at $5.15 (3/28/11) which is around the range they've traded since 2000 with the exception of 2008/09.

The stock isn't trading at a discount to NCAV as it stands currently.

What's also interesting about RCM is that it's also profitable.  They earned $.44 in 2010 and about $1/sh in OCF.  The OCF was boosted by working capital items so I wouldn't expect this to repeat in the future.

The company trades at about a EV/EBIT of 4.76
Market cap of $67m

One thing of note is in the CFF section they had $200k in share buybacks which effectively negated the options exercised and employee stock program.  Even though this is not a huge amount it's a transfer of equity from shareholders to employees.

I have put RCM on my list to research further in the future.

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