My interview on the PreMarket show discussing banks and banking

If you were dying to know my age, or to hear my thoughts on banks and banking you're in luck, all of that and more was covered during my interview on the Benzinga PreMarket show last Friday.

You can watch the interview below:


  1. Do you invest with leverage?

    It's an area where I've had a "counter-revelation". There are very few people who use leverage modestly and responsibly. It always goes to extremes — abstaining completely, even 5% leverage, or wildly gambling.

    Rationally, using 5% leverage is entirely safe. Using 20% leverage is probably safe. Yet, it's interesting how there's little middle ground on this topic…

    I don't use leverage today because of the market's elevated level. But in hindsight, I should've used it in 2009. If we see a more inflationary environment in the future, modest leverage could be very advantageous.

  2. You sound like Whitney Tilson...good interview

  3. Nate - Thanks for the link. Hearing your voice puts color into your blog. Keep up the great work.