Announcing CompleteBankData now on your Bloomberg Terminal

The Ultimate Bank Investing Tool is Now Available on Your Bloomberg Terminal


We took the best of and by using Bloomberg's market data have created a new tool that gives investors an edge with rapid idea generation, deep dive analysis and investment monitoring and exit.

To celebrate the launch of CompleteBankData on the Bloomberg we are offering a 3 for 1 deal through the end of April.  Purchase one user license and get two additional licenses for free.

Rapid Idea Generation

  • Find long and short ideas with dozens of proven strategies: Oversold, Deposit, Market Share, Potential Acquisition Targets, Buyback Yields, Low P/B and Profitable, and more.
  • Combine dozens of financial metrics to create your own custom bank screens.
  • Instantly spot valuation outliers in the universe of banks.
  • Visualize macro insights into the health of the banking system.
Idea Generation

Visualize the banking industry

Deep Dive Analysis
  • Access an in-depth report on each bank. See assets, equity, ROE, Texas Ratio, full financials and more with a single click.
  • Granular insights into the health of a bank's loan portfolio, non-performing assets, real estate holdings and more.
  • Create custom bank valuations with built-in peer comparison, acquisition value, and DDM models.
  • Metro area deposit statistics available with deposit market share summary, aggregate banking data, and more.
  • Quick links to GP and DES for further research on your Terminal.


Deposit Marketshare Stats

Useful Bloomberg Terminal functions a click away

Investment Monitoring and Exit
  • Compare banks to peers with one click.
  • Identify exit points and short candidates using negative metrics and screens.

More Information

To start your free trial, type APPS BANKS <GO> in your Bloomberg Terminal, or contact us for information:

If you'd like a free training session or have further questions please contact us:

Tel: 1-866-591-8315 


  1. Do you have a free trial, for us non pro's non bloomberg, investors?

    1. Yes, if you have a Bloomberg type in APPS BANKS and click on the gray button "Free Preview". It's a 30 day fully functional free trial.

      If you don't have a Bloomberg Terminal you can trial one by calling their sales team, I believe they give a free month or two trial including training if you're interested.

      If you don't have any interest in getting a Terminal you can still use CompleteBankData via the web at, we have a fully functional free trial for the web version as well. You can sign up here:

    2. Hi Nate,

      Am I missing something? I've just signed up to the Free trial web version.

      But a lot of the screen shots you show in your post above I can't find within the site. I can't even find how to screen for P/B <1 banks...nor is there any price information...

      A little guidance would be of great help.

    3. Anon,

      Can you send me an email at ntobik @ completebankdata dot com? I can help you with how to search for low P/B stocks and getting up and running on the web version.

      The web version is different from the version on the Bloomberg. All of the screenshots on this post are from the Bloomberg, which can be accessed via the command APPS BANKS.


  2. Congrats on the big step Nate. I'm really impressed with the tool and the development history. Keep up the great work and good luck!

    Have you considered writing a white paper on the theory and actual returns over various time periods for various start dates for illiquid bank stocks vs. other assets?

    1. Thanks. I have someone running back tests on a few bank investing strategies both simple (P/B type stuff) and more complex. The idea was to see how some of our black box strategies have performed.

      Still waiting on the results but will write something up on them for sure.