Microcap Conference speakers and company profiles

In a few weeks I'll be hosting the Microcap Conference at the Marriott in Philadelphia on November 4th and 5th.

I wanted to post the speaker list as well as profiles of the companies that will be attending.  If you haven't secured a spot yet please sign up now.  We are almost out of room.  The response has been so strong that Fred Rockwell, the other organizer of this had to work with the hotel to upgrade our space to accommodate everyone.

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More information: http://www.microcapconf.com

Speaker List

Investing In Highly Leveraged Companies 

Gene Neavin, Portfolio Manager - Federated Investors 

Eric Green, Director of Research - Penn Capital

Finding Investment Opportunities in Canada 

Paul Andreola, Director of research - SmallCap Discoveries 

Brandon Mackie, Analyst - SmallCap Discoveries
Philippe Belanger, Co-Founder - Espace MicroCaps

Social Data’s Influence on Financial Markets 

Chris Camillio, Private Investor with one of the best audited track records in the past decade

Starting an Activist Campaign 

Damien Park, President - Hedge Fund Solutions, Chairman of the Board - iPass

Financial Blogger Panel on Investing Strategy 
David Waters, Founder OTC Adventures and Alluvial Capital 

Nate Tobik, Founder Oddball Stocks and CompleteBankData.com 

Jennifer Galperin, Partner - Bigger Capital 

Chris DeMuth Jr, Founder and Portfolio Manager - Rangeley Capital
Andrew Walker, Portfolio Manager - Rangeley Capital 

Maj Souiedan, Co-Founder - GeoInvesting Micro-Cap Research

Company Profiles


  1. Also recently added Microbix MBX.TO, and Aspen Group ASPU

  2. Unfortunately I can't attend this conference. Hopefully a similar conference will be held in Atlanta some day.