Podcast interview plus a new investing system course

Planet Microcap Podcast

I recently had the chance to be interviewed by Robert Kraft on the Planet Microcap Podcast.  We had a great conversation that ranged from investing in microcaps, to bank investing, and some background on how I got started.

You can listen below:

If you have a chance listen to some of the other podcasts from Planet Microcap.  There are some interesting guests worth listening to.

My Investing System Course

I have quite the back catalog of content on this blog.  Scattered throughout old posts are theories on how I look at investments and how I find new ideas.  I know a few brave souls have dove into the more than 1,000 pages of material and read from start to finish.  But most of you don't have that much time to go trawling through pages of posts to find what you're looking for.

One question I'm asked over and over is "How do you find investments?" and "How do you evaluate investments?"  In one sense finding an oddball investment is like finding my posts on how I do it.  You start with a lot of content and begin to dig...  We decided to short-circuit the digging step and provide all of this in a simple email newsletter.

If you sign up for the course you'll receive one email a day on the following topics:

  • Day 1: Where to hunt oddballs (Is screening dead?)
  • Day 2: Assets and book value (Where 50 cent dollars hide)
  • Day 3: Earnings (Growth isn’t everything)
  • Day 4: Management: (Roach motel avoidance 101)
  • Day 5: Catalysts (Who needs em?)
  • Day 6: Activism (Can anyone go activist these days?)
  • Day 7: Portfolio Management and When to Sell (The system I use to manage 50+ positions)
You can sign up below:


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