Avalon Holdings

We're posting another "greatest hit" from the Oddball Stocks Newsletter.  I present Avalon Holdings, a tiny conglomerate located near Youngstown, Ohio.  The company has a waste management group along with a resort and golf courses.  All of that is covered in the write-up below.  The stock offers the same, or better value now compared to when it was originally profiled.

One item worth calling out is that you never know how or when value might be realized in a name like this.  Avalon Holdings was caught up in a strange third party Bahama pump and dump scheme.  Shareholders saw shares rise from $2.60 to as high as $10.25 intraday before falling back.  It wasn't just a single share sold high, shareholders had about a week to liquidate shares at a multiple of their prior price.

The company has sued the pumper and is attempting to seize their gains for the illegal manipulation.  We have been covering that in an on-going basis in the newsletter.  You can find the original thesis below.

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