Hanover Foods Reports Quarterly Results $HNFSA $HNFSB

Just received a quarterly report:

Hanover Foods Aug 30 2020 Financials by Nate Tobik on Scribd

Previously regarding Hanover Foods:


  1. Number did not look too bad, but like anything how that reflects from the stock price, is beyond me. We've had a rather insignificant 425 shares for so long, I feel like I've owned them forever, and could see us holding them for 100 years without getting more than the small dividend. It is the game we play. Wait on these buy low, wait some more sell higher, hopefully. Flipped not for the flippers that is for sure.

  2. I have owned the stock for 5 years and got nothing. Finally sold in 2018. This is the problem with those low ROE stocks that don’t reward shareholders. it is possible that shareholder are rewarded if owners devise to sell or unlock value, but you could also wait another 20 years and nothing happens.