Oddball Stocks Newsletter: Boston Sand and Gravel Co. (BSND)

Here is another sample piece from the Oddball Stocks Newsletter. This is another excerpt from Issue 21, published last August, about Boston Sand and Gravel (BSND).

Last summer BSND was trading in the mid $400s. It is up pretty substantially since then, to $546 bid and $573 offer. The 2018 annual report is not out yet, but we'll be writing an update in the Newsletter when it is. Last year, BSND's annual meeting was held in Boston on July 26th.

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Also, be sure to watch Bob Vila take a tour of the Boston Sand and Gravel Plant!


  1. Curious...how did you get financials back to '14? Would love to see what the numbers looked like '06-'09. Thanks

  2. Today I received a letter from BSND explicitly stating that they will not comply with SEC 15c 211. Without market makers the Company or insiders are the only buyers for the stock. They will be able to low ball the price. Since this a Massachusetts Corporation the intent is to proceed immediately for Breach of Fiduciary Duty.