Oddball Stocks Newsletter: Conrad Industries Inc. (CNRD)

Here is another sample piece from the Oddball Stocks Newsletter. This one is from Issue 22, published in November 2018. This one is about Conrad Industries, which has been posted on the Oddball Stocks blog multiple times in the past (like here and here back in 2012).

In addition to a pretty good track record of interesting ideas that worked well, the Newsletter has also sounded some cautionary notes about names, which have turned out to be prescient. For example, back in August we wrote some cautionary thoughts about Conrad when its shares were trading in the high teens. The shares collapsed down to $13 at the end of the year and have only now recovered to $15.

Conrad is a rare Oddball with friendly management, but their business is really challenged by the lack of oil and gas activity in the Gulf of Mexico. We will continue to monitor and report on developments in the Newsletter. (You can subscribe here to the Newsletter, and we also have some a la carte samples of back issues available.)

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