Life Insurance Company of Alabama ($LINS $LINSA)

A new ruling in the Life Insurance Company of Alabama minority shareholder litigation:

LICOA Abstention Order by Nate Tobik

And an update at the Concerned Shareholders of Life Insurance Company of Alabama (LICOA) website:
UPDATE: All of the documents that the Concerned Shareholders have received from books and records inspections of LICOA are available now at this link. We believe that minority shareholders of LICOA should work together to "follow the money" and figure out the best path forward for the company so that shareholders can earn an attractive return on their capital invested.

UPDATE: A new ruling in the litigation in Federal Court in Alabama: "ORDER re the court's December 8, 2020 Memorandum Opinion (doc. 49) and Order (doc. 50), where it would abstain from adjudicating Count II of the plaintiff Shareholders' Direct Complaint (doc. 25). Accordingly, this court concludes that it erroneously decided to abstain from adjudicating the Shareholders' claim for judicial dissolution of LICOA. To that end, the court ORDERS the parties to submit a Joint Status Report to the court on or by Wednesday, April 7, 2021, informing the court of the current status of this litigation and a proposal for moving forward in light of the Eleventh Circuit's decision in Deal. Signed by Judge Karon O Bowdre on 3/23/2021."
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