Bidding War for Sunnyside Bancorp ($SNNY)

We mentioned last month that "An Old Oddball Stocks Idea Ha[d] Its Day" with the sale of Sunnyside Bancorp, Inc. Today, a different buyer announced that it has a higher bid (20% premium) for Sunnyside.  

Rhodium BA Holdings LLC (“Rhodium”), a New York-based investor, which through its special purpose subsidiary OppCapital Associates LLC beneficially owns approximately 9.82% of the outstanding common shares of Sunnyside Bancorp, Inc. (OTCBB: SNNY) (“Sunnyside” or the “Company”), today sent a letter to the Company’s Board of Directors presenting a fully financed proposal to acquire Sunnyside for $18.50 per share in cash.

Over the past twelve months, Rhodium has privately approached the Company with multiple expressions of interest to acquire the Company on attractive terms, which were rejected without explanation by Sunnyside’s Board of Directors. Rhodium’s current offer represents a 23% premium to Sunnyside’s closing price on April 19, 2021, a 19% premium to the price offered by DLP Bancshares Inc. and a 50% premium to the Company’s unaffected share price on March 16, 2021 prior to the announcement of the DLP Bancshares Inc. offer. 

In its open letter to Sunnyside, Rhodium seems to be threatening to do a tender offer if their bid is rejected.

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