Oddball Stocks Newsletter Excerpt: "Delaware Chancery Corner" from Issue 33

Most Issues of the Oddball Stocks Newsletter contain a section of "General Commentary" at the end, and a frequent subsection is something that we call "Delaware Chancery Corner" - an update on recent opinions of the Delaware Chancery Court that are relevant to minority shareholders in small companies:

In Issue 31, we mentioned a Delaware Chancery case (Sahara Enterprises) that established that in
Delaware shareholders have an absolute right to know how “directors and senior officers are
compensated and whether they are the beneficiaries of any related-party transactions.” This Delaware
Supreme Court opinion seems to push the law further in shareholders' direction.

OBN - Delaware Chancery Corner - Issue 33 (January 2021) by Nate Tobik on Scribd

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  1. Interesting. Heard any updates on the Rivest v. Hauppauge books and records request? I believe they had a hearing the other day...